Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2: NINE things about yourself

1. I'm the oldest, youngest, middle and only child. Seriously. Lemme 'splain... I'm the only child my mother & father had together, the oldest of my Mom's kids (half sister is 6.5 years younger), the youngest of my father's kids (half sister is 10 years older), and the middle child in the house I grew up in most of the time (younger sister, step brother is 7 years older).

2. I'm pretty much obsessed with everything vintage/retro- especially things from the 40's-60's. Hair, makeup, clothes, movies, cars, ads, art, etc... I've been told throughout my life I'm an old soul and was born in the wrong decade.

<---------Marilyn Monroe in How To Marry A Millionaire

3. I'm a nerd. I love learning about anything and everything- I'm like a giant knowledge sponge. I love reading, researching and experiencing everything I can. I'm also the 1st person in my family to attend & graduate from a university (I have a BA in corporate communication and a BS in human development & family studies).

4. I've been a dancer all my life (classically trained ballerina, etc. and can definitely hold my own at the clubs!), was a gymnast and cheerleader, but never played a real team sport until I started playing roller derby when I was 20.

5. I've lived in 11 different states (military family), but consider myself to have dual home-state citizenship between Texas & California ;)

6. I really want a Havanese or Coton de Tulear. I love our pitbull, Brody, but she's so big & sheds... bad for my allergies & asthma :( I'm more of a "dog person" but I don't hate cats. Cotons & Havanese are "hypoallergenic." And they're really freaking cute!

Havanese pups------------------>

7. I'm a tea snob. Similar to how some people are coffee/beer/wine snobs... I have standards ;)

8. I've never taken any kind of drug that wasn't prescribed to me or even smoked a cigarette. One of my biggest fears in life if being addicted to anything...

9. I'm naturally blond... seriously. Redhead by choice!

<------- Here's proof!

I don't usually dye my hair in the summer because it fades so fast and the summer before/at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I really let it go too long... just check out those long blond roots, faded red dye job from before and virtually invisible eyebrows (they're present, just really light)! Needless to say, this was when I wore next to no makeup... in my pre-glam era...

Much love :)

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