Monday, August 23, 2010

Bumps, spots and other imperfections...

I'm white. Like, really pale. I shame the term "Caucasian." I have so many freckles that I look like a low contrast dalmatian. I have moles galore and am pretty sure I should go see a dermatologist soon, but that's out of the question until I get some kind of insurance and a more stable income...

While I've come to love my skin and essentially appreciate what I have to work with physically, I am still far from perfect. I don't think people show or talk about their flaws/differences enough- especially in the beauty/cosmetic world.

A few of my major skin issues:
  • Eczema (really uncomfortable, dry, itchy, red, rash-like bumps that appear periodically in patches)
  • Redness (thanks to my western European heritage and lack of melanin)
  • Broken capillaries (at least I think that's what the red dots are...)
  • Fine lines (started to notice them around my eyes lately & wrinkles on my forehead for a couple years because I have an expressive face & raise my eyebrows too much)
  • Dark under eye circles (not terrible, but there)
  • Thin skin (so many of my veins are visible, I could be a vascular anatomy model)
  • Freckles & moles (if I wear full-coverage foundation, I look like I'm wearing a mask)
  • Acne (I have combination skin and combination acne, but it's not too bad- blackheads on my nose & chin that I can't ever get rid of, and the occasional white head)
  • Callouses (I was a dancer for 15+ years, ran around barefoot a lot as a child, developed a writer's callous, etc.- so pedicures & manicures are usually a waste on me)
A few skin-related things I consider myself lucky about:
  • My acne is very mild
  • My eczema is controlled most of the time so most people don't notice
  • Scars (I have a lot of scars from childhood tomboy-related injuries, surgeries, acne, etc., but most aren't keloids and remind me of some particular moment in time, so I wear them with pride)
  • Freckles (they make me different and I'm all for individuality... plus in moments of pure boredom, I can try to find constellations among the dots!)
  • Thin skin (anytime I need to have blood taken, they never have trouble finding a vein!)
  • Callouses (I've worked to get these and they ensure I don't get blisters in those spots)
  • My skin is sensitive, but I rarely have severe allergic reactions to cosmetic products/scents/soaps, etc.
...And dammit, wouldn't you know it- here goes my ADHD kicking in. I can't remember where I was going with this :( So, rather than not post it because it's imperfect or incomplete, like I have with every blog I've ever done before, I'm putting it up anyway- in honor of my imperfections...


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