Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 5: Six things I wish I'd never done

I don't like to live with regrets, so this is very tough. I consider each mistake in life a serious learning experience.

1. Gotten into the habit of working too much, sacrificing my social life and at times, academics.

2. Gotten involved with THAT guy... ladies, you all know you have one...

3. Jumped into roller derby while still in school. I should have followed my plan & waited until I graduated.

4. Let my weight yo-yo. I was always a heavy kid, lost 30 lbs. between graduating high school & my sophomore year of college. A couple months ago, I was at my heaviest EVER, 70 lbs. more than my thinnest weight (3 years ago). Part of it is a medication side effect (no longer on!), but I'm to blame as well.

5. Permed my hair... hahaha. Not my choice, really... mom had it done when I was a kid.

6. Rushed into "adulthood" as a kid/teen. You never get those years back. There's plenty of time to drink, party, be independent, push the limits, etc. once you're an adult.

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